Sleep in the Park

July 21, 2018 jhpadmin

Dear All,


This is advanced warning – I’m looking for some support and help!


Last year, the Moderator “Slept Out” in Princes Street Gardens on the coldest night of the year to support the work of Social Bite and to highlight the plight of the homeless.  Many ministers and church folk joined him and together they raised both awareness and funds.


This year, as someone who likes a good sleep and the comfort of her bed, I’m being asked to do likewise – aaargh!  Which is why I need your support and help … please remember me in your prayers.


But please would you consider joining me?  There’s warmth in numbers!


This year there are to be four places to sleep out and there is also going to be a “Wee Sleep Oot” for younger people (details to be released soon).  Could you involve your youth organisations?  Local schools?  As well as enthuse lots of grown-ups to join in?


The date is Saturday 8 December.  I wonder if, at a time of year when we will be remembering a young, homeless couple having their firstborn welcomed into the world in an outhouse, you might consider making this your Christmas project?


The aim is to set Scotland off down the road to ending homelessness through a route that has been tried and tested in other parts of the world.  It is ambitious, and aims to bring together all sorts of groups working in this area.  It will also be a long term commitment – but for the sake of the all too many on our streets, we need to go down it.


While I might be worrying about being left out in the cold, alone for one night, there are far too many for whom that happens every night of the year.  Let’s not live with that.  Let’s be radical and help things to change.


Date:  Saturday 8 December 2018

Where:  Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen

Why:  to end homelessness


Who:  all ages through the Big and Wee Sleep Outs


Thank you for taking the time to read this – and please do consider what you might be able to do where you are. 


Wishing you every blessing,



Rt Revd Susan M Brown


General Assembly of the Church of Scotland