collection duties 2018


collection duties 2018

J Crawford's Team

June12-192016J Crawford
August14-212016F MacDonald
October302016E Cosgrove
November 62016R Anderson
January1-82017E Muir

J Wallace's Team

June19-262016J Wallace
August282016S Scott
September42016R Taylor
November13-202016S Barber
January15-222017W Lennon

J Berry's Team

July03-102016J Berry
September11-182016M Mitchell
November272016I Barber
December42016M McLeod
January292017D Bruce

D Hunter's Team

July17-242016D Hunter
September252016A Eadie
October92016J Gibson
December11-182016J MacFadyen
February19-262017M Parker

Agnes McManus Team

July312016R Hill
August72016M Lennon
October16-232016A McManus
December252016I Anderson
March5-122017E Fraser


  1. The offering is uplifted in Church during morning service and will be counted after the service.
  2. The person in charge will be responsible for ensuring that the team is complete for uplifting of the offering in an organised manner, and for counting thereafter.
  3. The counting team will bring the offering forward to the Communion Table for the blessing and prayer. The plates should be left in front of the table until the last verse of the last hymn. The collection team should then leave the Church after the Bible to count the offering.
  4. It is essential that anyone who is unable to attend should arrange a substitute, and advise their team leader accordingly.
  5. Those on duty should report by 10:30 to welcome members and visitors.
  6. The team leader is responsible for arranging that at least two members of the team are on duty at an evening service as and when required.
  7. It is imperative that offerings are kept confidential and not discussed in any way outwith the room and only as far as necessary for confirmation within the room.