A message from Rev. Ann McCool

They say that confession is good for the soul, so here goes. I’m sorry I didn’t write a letter last week. I forgot. Honestly, I just completely forgot! I was about to drift off to sleep on Sunday night when I remembered. That was a rude awakening. How could I have done that? The thought had crossed my mind earlier that week that I didn’t really have anything new to say, but I should have written something. It might have been a moan about trying to run two churches while working from home, but you know I wouldn’t do that, don’t you? (Rhetorical question, no answers please!)

This week, however, I do have a few things to report. The Kirk Session Zoom meeting last week was great fun. Trying to get everyone linked up, with their ipads and various pieces of online equipment was a laugh, especially when Willie and Jeanette Crawford ended up completely in the black with no picture at all, and Willie telling Jeanette to stop fiddling with his knobs! Perhaps I shouldn’t be relaying something like that, but it was just so funny. Some of us laughed outright, while others were trying their best to stifle it. At least it took the emphasis away from my greying hair.

There was some serious discussion though, especially about the prospect of opening the church for private prayer. This was only announced officially yesterday by our First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, but we knew it was a possibility. We also had been given a 35 page document from the Church of Scotland on all we’d need to do to render our church building safe for opening. We decided unanimously that it would be too much to open the church for prayer at this time. We had to bear in mind the age and health of our Elders and those with underlying health conditions. Included in the 35 page document is a ‘Covid-19 Risk Assessment Reopening of Church Buildings Checklist’ with 50 items on it, all of which must be adhered to. But do not worry; we will pull out all the stops to fulfil these requirements as soon as we are given permission to open for worship.

Meanwhile, I will continue with letters, phone calls, emails, Zoom meetings, and Sunday morning contributions. Please let me know if you would like to contribute in any way, like giving a testimony of anything wonderful that has happened recently, or doing a reading or a prayer. And here is a plea to our young folk too, please keep in touch. Would you like to read, or pray or sing……or dance for joy? Please email: ann.mccool@ntlworld.com, or phone me 01505 320006

Our Elders are continuing to keep in contact as best they can, and they are doing an excellent job. I’m also thinking I should give you a little update on a few of our members. Even if you don’t know the person, it may be interesting to know about them, and you may be prompted to pray for them:

Liz Taylor has had a kidney transplant and is doing very well. She was the last to have an operation for a transplant in QEUH before Lockdown. How fortunate for her, her husband Robert and her family.
Recently Anna Brydson has gone into Little Inch Care Home in Inchinnan, and Agnes Storie has gone into Braemount Nursing Home in Paisley. 

Jeanette West, who is in Campbell Snowdon in Quarrier’s Village in Bridge of Weir, celebrated her 100th birthday at the start of the month. Jeanette and her husband Bert were well known stalwarts of Johnstone High in previous years.

And some good news, Margaret and Archie Boyd celebrated their Diamond Wedding a few weeks ago, and we wish them well for the years ahead.

If you have other information about anyone in our congregation, please let me know.

Help ma boab! Just as I’m finishing this letter, another update has come in from the Church of Scotland, this time it’s 41 pages long. Cannae wait tae read it. Dear Elders, I will forward a copy to you too!

Finally, we all know that our God is so wonderful. He alone will see us through this. His love is real and will never leave us. We pray to him every day, and so look forward to the time when we can worship him together in his church.

God bless

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