A word from our Minister

The month of May already, and here we are 5 weeks into lockdown. It’s a strange world we are now living in and we can’t imagine things ever being right again. But we have to believe that we will be together again someday; it’s just that we don’t know when that will be.

Last week my message was ‘repent’. It was a heavy message, and I struggled to give it, but apart from it being my job to bring a serious word, I really felt that God was calling us to examine ourselves and to get back to a healthy relationship with him. Getting back to basics and getting closer to God is surely the best way of getting through this difficult time.

Everyone will have been contacted by their Elder by now.  Indeed, the Eldership is coming into its own in this situation.  Every Elder should be able to contact their district by phone, email or some other imaginative means!  This is one of the greatest benefits of the Presbyterian system: it was designed to be Elder led.  Also Willie Crawford has been keeping a close eye on all our properties, keeping them safe, wind and watertight.  Our church was beginning to look derelict and a bit neglected from the outside, so he arranged for some grass to be cut along the edges and for essential weeding to be done.  I hope his back isn’t too sore.  On a more positive note, I’m looking forward to seeing Callum MacMillan’s biceps after all that ringing of the bell. It’s a heavy task and he has been giving it lallday every week.  I know that word isn’t in the Queen’s English but it’s a guid Scots description, so good for him!

I am not taking a holiday next week. Several things are happening regarding Barrhead: St Andrews where I am the Interim Moderator. Some interest has been expressed in the vacancy there and I have been involved in several phone calls, and emails. A very important Zoom meeting is planned for Tuesday of next week and there is likely to be follow-up activity from this.  Besides, I can’t go anywhere! I think I was just feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the funerals I had. There are none in the pipeline thus far, but maybe I shouldn’t speak too soon.

We are all affected in this situation, but I am concerned in case anyone in the congregation is struggling more than the rest of us.  If you are in real need, please let me or your Elder know in the hope that we can help in some way. Meanwhile, please follow government guidelines and keep safe.  I pray for us all every day.

God bless


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