An update from our Minister

One word has been on my mind for a few weeks now, and its repentance. We need to repent, individually, nationally and globally. These days, too many people either ignore God, or assume they can live without him. They dismiss him at their peril! But praise God that we are believers, and praise God that we know him through Jesus. He is truly our Lord and Saviour. Praise God too, that we are lifted in faith, and empowered by his Holy Spirit. So, why am I now suggesting there’s a need for repentance?

On Sunday mornings, and during the week, I’ve been listening to many services on TV and online and I’ve enjoyed the great variety of styles on offer. I’m glad we have so many resources available to help us keep in touch spiritually and it’s encouraging that we can have our spirits lifted in this way. But that’s the problem. There’s too much encouragement and confidence being preached with no sense of challenge, or questioning as to why this is happening. We are being reassured that God is in control: that he will deal with this virus: that he will enable the scientists to find a vaccine. I’m sure he will, but he could wipe out this virus in an instant. He could provide a vaccine this minute. He could provide miraculous healing for every single person on a ventilator right now. So why doesn’t he?

When tragedy struck in the Old Testament, with swarms of locusts, or famines, or plagues, this was interpreted as a judgment on the people for turning their backs on God. Isn’t that exactly what the world has been doing for years? If we think about it, God has been very patient with us, but maybe now this crisis will bring us to our knees in repentance? Also, as individuals it’s too easy to assume we are right with God. I know I have had to do a bit of soul searching during this period. It seems that while many of us are clearing out cupboards and houses perhaps we need a spiritual clear out too. So ask yourself, how is your relationship with God? Jesus is coming back for a perfect bride!

In the middle of trying to keep everyone buoyed up we have forgotten to keep a tight check on our spiritual condition. We listen to all the things our itching ears want to hear and forget the high standards of holiness God expects of his people. I think God has given us this time to take stock and to re-evaluate our lives. And praise God that forgiveness is available to us because of the Cross. We can be forgiven, purified and even made holy through Jesus. Our job is to make sure we keep in check with him, and our prayer is surely that many others will give God more than a passing thought and come back to him.

Keep well. I keep praying for you.

God bless

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