Letter 22

In all the years of my ministry, I don’t think our Elders have had to work as hard as they have in these past months. In normal circumstances they would do their duty for the Church, and for those members in their district. They were happy to do what was expected of them, but almost every week I have asked them to distribute this letter so that we can keep in touch. And that isn’t always easy for them. Some of them don’t have the technical means, or the knowhow, to get these emails and print them off. Would you consider helping your Elder in this? Perhaps you could phone your Elder and offer whatever help you can. Are you able to print off these letters and deliver or post them? And Elders, please don’t be proud, there may be someone in your district who would be delighted to assist with this. I’m asking because clearly this situation has gone on for some time, and looks like it may continue for some time more, and it’s very important that we keep in touch.

Another way of keeping in touch is by coming to the church for private prayer on Fridays from 11-12noon. On average there are about 10 people who attend and they come and go as they please. We just sit in silence and today in particular I was very touched by the atmosphere and sense of God’s Presence.

And why don’t you consider joining our Zoom Bible Study? We are looking at the book of James and the whole meeting is very informal. The details for joining with us are given below. We meet from 7-8pm.

Time: Oct 7, 2020 07:30 PM Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/98083538616?pwd=VDRTSnVIRUlDUWl3V0lyeHloMmlXdz09                                               

Meeting ID: 980 8353 8616                                                                                                                             

Passcode: 988403

And finally, our Offerings Convener, Mrs Jeanette Crawford has asked me to put in a wee plea to you. She was delighted to have loads of people knocking on her door to give her their offering, but the initial surge has died away, and the church is struggling, so, wee plea, wee plea….

Keep well, keep praying, and keep the faith.


God bless                                                                                                            


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