Good Friday Message

Hi folks

So this is Good Friday. No march from Johnstone Railway Station, no service at Houston Square, no Holy Week services during the week, and no Good Friday service in the Church tonight. But nothing and no one can take away from the fact that Good Friday happened! Jesus did die on the cross for us. He did pay the price for our sins. He did reconcile us to God. He did show us the way to heaven. Praise God, and remember that Sunday is coming! We are a resurrection people. It doesn’t matter when it happened, it happened! Like Christmas, it doesn’t matter whether Jesus came on 25th December or not, he came! And praise God that he came and he died and he rose again, and all for us!

I have missed being in Church, and I’m sure you have too, yet I still feel close to the Lord. Death couldn’t hold him, no Church can hold him, and no virus can stop him. He reigns and his Holy Spirit is with us all. Every believer knows the truth of Easter Sunday every minute of every day. And the Holy Spirit still stirs in our souls and acts in our lives.

Keep strong folks, because this too shall pass. I can’t wait to get back to worship in Johnstone High Parish Church. I have been thinking about it and planning it and whenever that day is, it will be precious.

I pray for you every day.

God bless


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