Latest message from Rev. Ann McCool

Although lockdown is easing a little, there’s still no sign of returning to Church, as yet. Meanwhile, I have prepared a short sermon for this Sunday 31st May, which Greig Scott has recorded on his phone. Our service is prerecorded so you can look at it anytime. Greig will upload it to our Website tonight, and he has also put it on YouTube. I have joined the ranks of online preachers! Of course it won’t be the same as being in the church, but I hope you are blessed by it anyway.

Also this Sunday, I would ask you to visit at 10am. Our new moderator The Right Reverend Dr Martin Fair is conducting a special service for Pentecost, incorporating contributions from all over Scotland. I hope it’s as special as it sounds.

I remind you again of the ‘virtual communion service’ I plan to hold on Sunday, 7th June. Please prepare at home by having some bread and wine (juice) ready so that you can join in the worship. If possible, gather the family together and make it a special time. The short service will be pre-recorded so you can participate whenever it is convenient for you.

Keep the faith, keep strong, keep safe, and keep worshipping.

God bless


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