Latest Weekly Update

Hi folks, I know we’re all keen to get back to church but before we can even consider it, there are lots of things we have to do. Be assured that we are doing as much as we can in the background but we now need to give the church a thorough clean. This is an essential requirement and must be done meticulously. We hope to do this with volunteers, so we need you to consider putting your name forward. The plan is to arrange one or two days for the work to be done, and currently I’m thinking of a Saturday morning. I’m sure you will appreciate that any volunteers will need to be fit and well with no underlying health concerns. We will have a detailed plan of how we would like the work done, and provide all material needed.  

 If you can help, please email

Sandra Barber

and copy me in too

Please also include your phone number.


Hopefully we can get a team organised over the next week or so, with the work done shortly after that. Meanwhile we keep listening to the news and following guidelines.


I hope you are enjoying all the various services available on TV and online. That’s something lockdown is allowing us to do as we don’t often get the opportunity to listen to others or to see them in their churches. Although these services are not normal, we’re still glad to get a glimpse of how other churches and ministers are dealing with these trying times. It’s all very strange for us too.


Until we meet again, keep smiling through!


God bless


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