Letter 10

We all heard the sad news today of the passing of His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh.  He was such a support to Her Majesty the Queen, an admirable consort and a hard working royal, despite being a challenging character!  Nevertheless, I liked him. 


Unfortunately I had just finished recording the service for Sunday 11th April or I would have referred to his death in our prayers.  We are supposed to pray for our leaders and for those in high position, and you know I do this on a regular basis. But I don’t usually mention those from our own congregation who have gone on from this earthly life to the glory of heaven.   Normally everyone would pick up this news by word of mouth, especially at Church on a Sunday morning, or via our Church Magazine, but these channels are currently closed to us.  So I’m thinking particularly of those members who died in 2020, Mrs Jean Beattie, Mr Bert Brydson, Mrs Sybil Morton, Mrs Elizabeth Cosgrove, Mr Bill Williamson, Mr Billy Dewar, Mr Russell Cummings, Mrs Jeanette West, and Mrs Helen Crawford.  And this year we acknowledge the passing of our members Mrs Elizabeth Steel, and Mrs Liz Taylor.  


Since Lockdown began last year, I have also conducted 22 parish funerals.  Some of these may have been for people who believed in Jesus Christ, we don’t know. One thing we can say is that our members were true believers, and therefore we have confidence that they are now truly with the Lord.  Whether in the Royal Household, or in our own congregation, we pray for the Lord’s blessing and comfort to be upon all who are grieving.


On a happier note, I’m pleased to say we have another Coffee Afternoon planned for Wednesday 21st April from 2-3pm. I will email everyone already on the mailing list with the Zoom Link on Monday 19th April. If you would like to join with us, please let me know.


Please pray for our Kirk Session meeting planned for Wednesday 14th April. Among other items on the Agenda we will discuss the possibility of opening the Church for Sunday worship.    We must consider this carefully, gathering all the facts, without feeling pressured or bullied into making a decision.  However, I can report that our water supply has now been reconnected, so that’s one problem out of the way.  I will keep you informed.


Meanwhile, keep safe, keep praying, and keep the faith.


God bless,




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