Letter 13

Hi folks, last week I referred to April as a good month for birthdays. It is also a good month for anniversaries. Billy and Margaret Whyte celebrated their Golden Wedding on Saturday 17th April. Carol and John Anderson, and Jim and Doreen Gibson, are both celebrating their Golden Wedding today as I write! Happy days! and congratulations to them all. 


Congratulations too, to Shahrukh Gill who has been participating in our recorded services.  He was undergoing a ‘Period of Discernment’ with us, the purpose of which is to help him discern whether or not he really feels a call to the ministry.

Shahrukh has felt his sense of call deepen while he has been with us.  Following a series of reports and an official meeting last week, he has been given permission to attend the Assessment Conference in June of this year. That is good news, but it’s only one of the many hoops Shahrukh will have to jump through!  Shahrukh wants to stay with us for a while so no doubt we will hear how he gets on in the future.


Sadly, Agnes Storie passed away last week, only days after her 100th birthday. Her service will be held in Woodside Crematorium on Tuesday 11th May at 2.30pm. The service can be viewed online and I will send a link on Monday 12th May to anyone who lets me know they wish to join us.


The Kirk Session plans to meet on Wednesday 12th May. A major item on the agenda is to consider whether or not the Church will open for worship on Sunday mornings. As some of our Elders are unable to commit to public duties, I did say we would need extra help but, as yet, no one has come forward. Please phone the Session Clerk, your Elder, or myself for more information.


First of May tomorrow, but I will not be washing my face in the early dew. I may not even wash my face at all. See how I feel!  I am glad it’s spring though. Brighter days. Warmer days. Restrictions lessening. A sense of hope, but please be careful. Look after yourselves, and keep praying.


God bless


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