Letter 14

Hi folks, 

Please look out for a letter from the Session Clerk telling you that we are opening for worship on Sunday 30th May. You will need to book for this. All the contact details, and restriction conditions, are in the letter.  Until then, we will no longer have Private Prayer on a Friday, but the Foodbank will continue on Fridays from 12noon-12.30pm.


The information below is from the Co-operative Funeral Service and gives the link up connections for the service for Agnes Storie. I have also attached the Webcast instructions.


Please forward this to anyone who may wish to follow the service.


God bless


Agnes Storie Funeral



Agnes Storie


Paisley Woodside Crematorium – Woodside Chapel

Date & Time

Tuesday 18/05/2021 14:30

Event Number

944381 – please quote this on all correspondence and when calling


The Staff – Co-op Johnston

Login / Order ID: 95037
Password: efvgncvs

If you experience issues with your login details please call 01536 314 890.

Please read through the attached step by step document before using the webcasting service to ensure your system is compatible.

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