Letter 15

 I can hardly believe that next week, on Sunday 30th May, the Church will be reopening for worship. Pray that it is so: it’s been a long time coming. They say that a week is a long time in politics, meaning that anything can happen to change the course of events. I’m very aware that even although our opening date is only 9 days away, there has been a rise in those testing positive, particularly for the Indian variant of Covid. The old maxim of a day at a time applies. Meanwhile, we wait and pray and hope!


Please remember that you have to book to attend worship. Contact Ann MacMillan by phone: 07847 312896 or by email jhpchurch@yahoo.co.uk by Thursday 27th May at the latest, and every Thursday thereafter. The online service, which is recorded on a Friday, will still be available too.


If you would like to contribute to our Foodbank please consider giving toiletries, toilet paper, kitchen roll, and paper tissues. I know these items aren’t edible, but these are the very things that run away with a family’s money. All kinds of dried foods are welcome too. Our Foodbank is open every Friday from 12-12.30pm. Those who make use of this service are very appreciative of all that we do for them.


It will be good to gather together for worship even with the whole raft of restrictions we are obliged to observe.  Remember to wrap up!  I appreciate that some people won’t be ready to return to Church for various reasons. But hopefully, we will all be together one day soon………….


God bless


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