Letter 16

Hi folks, we reopened again on Sunday 30th May at 11am and I’m pleased to say that there were 56 people present. Thank you so much for following all the rules and regulations. Despite restrictions, everyone seemed happy to be back in the Church. It was a bit emotional at times, but at least we’ve made a start.


Please remember that you have to book every week, by Thursday at the latest. I also need to ask you to book by 6pm as there is a lot of paperwork involved in planning the seating which will vary from week to week. To book, contact Ann MacMillan by phone: 07847 312896 or by email jhpchurch@yahoo.co.uk . The online service, which is recorded on a Friday, will also be available. The service on Sunday morning is recorded on CD’s, so please let me know if you’d like a copy of that, or contact Willie Crawford 07767 303799.


God bless


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