Letter 25

Your Elder may have told you already that the Kirk Session has decided not to open the church for worship on Sunday mornings just yet. The recent survey revealed that only a very small percentage of the congregation was prepared to come out on Sundays. I agree with the decision of the Kirk Session whilst also acknowledging the disappointment we all feel, but the reality is that it’s not safe for us. During the week I read ‘We isolate now so that when we gather again no one is missing’. I think there is wisdom in that, especially the way numbers of infections are rising every day. Let’s hope we don’t get a shock when the new tier system is rolled out next week.
Meanwhile, Bible Study continues online on a Wednesday night, our Prayer Group on Thursdays (soon to be online), and the Church is opened for Private Prayer every Friday from 11-12noon. If you would like to join any of these activities, please contact me by phone or email. 

We are also conscious that these days are proving more and more difficult for some people and families. We can’t help in every way, but in an attempt to alleviate food poverty, you are invited to bring food to the Church on Fridays between 12noon and 12.30pm. We are looking for tins, packets and dried foods, that is, items that are non-perishable and dated for some time in the future. And for those who are in need of this service, you are invited to arrive between 12.30 and 1pm. Because we are doing this on our own, and not under the auspices of the official Foodbank, it is primarily for those in our own congregation, but if you know of anyone in need, feel free to collect on their behalf, or phone and let me know if they are coming. 

God bless 


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