Letter 31

Hi folks, to fit in with the way Christmas and New Year falls, this will be my last letter until Friday 8th January. This will give your Elders a break from having to contact you every single week. If I did another letter next week it would mean them having to deliver letters, or communicate by whatever means they use, the week before Christmas and just before New Year. They will still be available in emergencies, as I am too.


Our weekly Prayer Meetings in the Church will finish on Friday 18th December and resume on Friday 8th January. Our in-house Foodbank will not be available on Fridays 25th December or Friday 1st January.


Hasn’t it been good to listen to the daily Advent Readings on our Facebook page, Johnstone High Parish? Thank you, Sandra, and all those she has roped in to perform!


Here’s something you may find interesting. Astronomers say that just before Christmas this year, on December 21, the world will be treated to a sight that has not been seen by human eyes since the Middle Ages when the planets Saturn and Jupiter will align, making a beautiful bright “star” in the night skies. Jupiter is just over half a billion miles away, while Saturn is nearly a billion miles away. The last time such a close alignment took place was about 800 years ago. This is often referred to as the Christmas Star or the Star of David. You should look for it to the southwest about 45 minutes after sunset. Pray for clear skies.


Meanwhile, we will continue to record our services every week. They can be accessed via our FaceBook page, or our church website: jhpchurch.org  We will also have an online Christingle service. Of course it will not be the same but I’ll try my best!  You may wish to participate by providing your own orange or tangerine, and a small candle. If you have 4 cocktail sticks and some sweets to put on them all the better. At the appropriate time I will ask you to put out your lights at home and we can enjoy the moment together. The service will be available for use any time during the day but Callum MacMillan will be ringing the church bells at 6pm so I suggest you tune in after that if you can.


I just heard yesterday that my son is coming from Inverness on Christmas Eve and staying for 2 nights so that’s good news for me. I hope you will have a chance to meet with family and friends at some time over the festive period, but make sure you keep strong and safe!


God bless,


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