Letter 31a

Sorry folks, I was so busy filling you in with bits and pieces I forgot the best news of all. We have 2 new babies to add to our congregation. Sadie was born in the summer to Emma and Lee Rankin, a sister for Lucy and Zoe, and Amie was born in the Autumn to Lorraine and David Aitken, a sister for Emma, Beth and Mara. In customary parlance, mothers and babies are doing well. That’s two baptisms we have to look forward to!


And I’d like to praise the ‘Advent, Light in the Dark’ programme Christine Johnstone has given out to everyone in our Lighthouse and Bible Class. Over a 10 day period they will learn something about the Christmas story and add a piece of artwork to the window of their house, making a collage of the Christmas story. I’m very impressed with this pack and hope everyone enjoys it. Please take a photograph of anything you do and send it to Christine, and we’ll try to get it on to the website.


Even in restricted circumstances we are all so busy, but keep calm and carry on, it’s Christmas! Make sure you enjoy as much of it as you can.


God bless,


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