Letter 4

Hi folks, here we are, still in lockdown. We barely knew the word a year ago and yet it has dominated our lives and the lives of others throughout the world. Perhaps we’ll get good news next week when our First Minister updates the situation, but I’m not holding my breath! Meanwhile, we continue life as we know it, observing the rules, and praying for light at the end of this tunnel.


So, please try to join our Zoom Coffee Morning, on Wednesday 17th February. Get organised with your favourite beverage, coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate and we can have a wee catch up and a blether.

Thus far 14 people have signed up for it. If you want to be number 15 just send me an email, ann.mccool@ntlworld.com. It will be good to see some weel kent faces. I will email the link to everyone on Monday 15th  


Wednesday 17th February is also the first day of Lent. For each of the 40 days of Lent, Sandra Crichton is planning to post a word or a picture on our church Facebook page, and she’s looking for a response. An emoji, a moticon, a word, a thought, a few sentences, or even a poem! Be inspired, and let us know how you are feeling. Whatever you do, please respond, as this is yet another way in which we can keep in touch.


The World Day of Prayer will take place on Friday 5th March at 2pm. The service is being hosted by Augustine United Church in Edinburgh with participants from across Scotland. For joining details see WDP website or WDP Scotland Facebook, or use the Zoom link – Webinar ID: 895 9398 3883, Passcode: 901656   If you do not have internet access you can join using a landline by phoning 0131 460 1196  You will be asked for the above Webinar ID and Passcode. Depending on your phone provider, there may be costs involved. The service will then be posted on WDP website and Facebook page for later access. Please phone Maureen Mitchell 01505 705450 asap for a booklet to use in the service.


Finally, if you have noticed workmen digging up the Church driveway, they are from the Water Board. The church is without water as none is reaching our water toby. This would indicate a burst somewhere, perhaps in the street. Hopefully it will be fixed soon, but I wondered if this was a kind of modern day parable? Even the water is cut off from the church! We may not be in the church to receive the living water offered by Jesus, but we can still enjoy ‘a spring of water welling up to eternal life’ when we worship him at home. Read John 4 & be refreshed.


Keep safe, keep praying, and keep the faith.

God bless, Ann


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