Letter 7

Hello friends,

Although the Scottish Government has given permission for churches to open from Friday 26th March, this is contingent on the number of Covid cases falling.   So, any plans could end up scuppered!   Edinburgh has also advised us to be cautious as every church will still have to adhere to many restrictions.  Our church could accommodate the maximum of 50, but everyone would need to book their seat. Anyone extra turning up would not be allowed to enter, and that would be a shocking thing to do.  Masks need to be worn, and you would be shown to a seat which is 6ft apart from the next person. No singing, no talking, not even saying the Lord’s Prayer. After consideration, the Kirk Session has decided not to open just yet. As someone said, ‘We’ve waited this long already’.  And there’s another problem. You may have noticed signs of work being done in our church driveway and just outside in the street. The Water Board has identified a problem with our water supply but they need British Telecom to move their box so that they can get to the area where the issue is. We cannot attend worship until this situation is resolved, so please add this to your prayer list!


On a cheerier note, our Foodbank is going well and helping members of our congregation and others, but unfortunately our stock is running low. If you can help in any way, would you please contribute Pasta and Pasta Sauces, Kitchen Roll and Toilet Roll? These items always go first, but anything you can give will be gratefully received on Fridays at 12 noon.


I look forward to seeing those who have booked for our Coffee Afternoon on Wednesday 24th March from 3-4pm. There’s still room! If you want to join us please email ann.mccool@ntlworld.com.   I will email the link directly to those signed up, on Monday 22nd March. 


Last week I included part of a letter sent by our Church of Scotland Moderator, the Right Rev Dr Martin Fair. He wanted to encourage congregations and let everyone know that he would be doing a series of daily reflections from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday at 8am. This week he sent a short video message to every minister expressing his concern for the extra stress ministers are facing during this pandemic. It was so kind of him, and personally I found it encouraging.


Meanwhile, keep safe, keep praying, and keep the faith.


God bless,




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