Minister’s Update

Dear friend

I’ve enjoyed a break over the last couple of weeks and really feel the better for it, even although there were only a couple of days without rain. My family came down from Skye so the manse was filled with a kind of happy mayhem and I tried to keep the number of visitors within the current guidelines. My Mum used to complain that holidays were just a change of sink for her. I didn’t even have a change of sink! Still, it was good to have visitors, to have people around, and to have a little bit of normality. There was one particularly good day when we managed to have a barbeque. My Nephew and his children were so happy to come to the mainland, to buy their new clothes for school (Asda specials) and to see all their cousins. They didn’t want to go home. 

I don’t know how normal it is for children being back at school, but it’s probably good for their emotional health at least. It’s always great to see your pals. I’m sure most children will bounce back educationally, but who knows what the outcome will be for those who are currently disappointed with their exam results? 

Over the last couple of weeks, I still had a little work to do for Barrhead: St Andrew’s, but we’re getting there. I will attend their church this Sunday morning, 16th August, when their Sole Nominee Tim Mineard will preach. Afterwards, I’ll spend some time with Tim and his wife, Fiona, and then get organised for all the administration that has to be attended to before Tim’s Ordination and Induction. We’re all praying that everything goes well.
As far as our church is concerned, we are not quite ready to return. The virus is still active and is still raising its ugly head in different places. We also need to pray that our children will return to our Sunday School and organisations when we are given permission to restart. 

Meanwhile, we go on, trying our best to comply with the government’s rules and regulations, even if we don’t agree with them and even if we think they are daft. People often a say ‘All you can do is pray’. That is right. All we can do is pray, but at least we will do that knowing that prayer is powerful. Keep praying, stay safe, and stay well.

God bless, Ann

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