Private Prayer


We could open the church for private prayer
but we won’t

Why not? Because if you came here
for prayer we’d have to

• Make you wash or sanitise your hands at the door
• Instruct you to wear a mask
• Ask you if you had covid symptoms, underlying health
problems, or get a flue jab, (and we’d have to turn you
away if the answer to any of these was yes.)
• Tell you which seat you could sit in
• Warn you not to sing
• Make sure you left by a different door
• Then clean and sanitise every surface you touched


• Sit in an armchair at home with a cup of tea
• Sit in the garden and watch the birds
• Enjoy a walk through the woods
and talk to God just as easily

You don’t need special words, a special place,
or special objects, or special people to talk to God.
He loves you and he is listening. Just do it.

This church building is still shut. The ears of God are not!

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