Rev. Ann McCool Latest Message

Dear friend

I hope you enjoyed the short service I did in the church for Pentecost last week? It was a new venture for everyone, and this week Greig has recorded me doing a virtual communion service. It’s not quite the same as a full service of worship in the church, but it’s still good for us to remember the sacrifice of our Lord. Please let me know what you think and how you found the experience. Email me or tell your Elder.

I also asked you to watch the Pentecost Service organized by our new Moderator, Rev Dr Martin Fair. He gathered contributions from all over Scotland, and it was great to be reminded of our national heritage as Christians. I thoroughly enjoyed the sense of belonging to the family of God. I was quite surprised when his service came to an end, which is a sign of how much I enjoyed it.

Next week I will do another recording in the church for Johnstone: High.
At the time Greig will also record me sending a message to Barrhead: St Andrew’s where I am still the Interim Moderator. Despite the restrictions of lockdown, they are working hard in their search for a minister.

Despite frequent emails back and forth from 121, and Zoom meetings with the Presbytery, no date has been set for the opening of churches. There has been a lot of speculation about being open for small weddings, or for private prayer, but nothing definitive as yet. When the time comes though, clearly there will be a lot of restrictions on how we can operate. Until then, we pray!

Next Wednesday 10th June, I have planned a Zoom meeting for the KS. That should be fun. At least we’ll get a laugh at everyone’s hair; long, uncut and uncoloured! It will be good to see each other again, and get some feedback from each other.

God is giving us a time to rest; to step back from life’s frenetic forces; to examine our lives, and to re-evaluate them. He is with us, has never left us, and will guide the future as he has the past. Thanks be to God!

God bless

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